Standing Still/ Lunch Time


24 hr performance hosted at dc3 as part of “Hour Glaze”. I called every time zone in the world at their noon.

In 19th century our noons were lost. In an act to extend thinking about your and my noon before the Industrial Revolution and standardization of time, I followed the sun around the Earth in the approximation of noon as established by Greenwich Standard Time. Beginning on August 12 noon time in Samoa (August 11 2017 in Edmonton) I called post offices in each time zone in the world. Samoa is the only country of the world divided by the date line, and thus I ended my project one day later on April 12 at noon by calling American Samoa. In doing so I inhabited the sun’s zenith for an entire rotation around the Earth and connected with people directly under its glare.

The result of this 24 hours period was a world map with hand drawn times zones and notes about each call (location, topics discussed language spoken, local weather) displayed the remainder of the exhibition. I recorded my conversations on a tape recorder and the resulting tapes could be played by patrons visiting the gallery.